Monday, October 3, 2011

The Arab (R)evolution: What's Next?

This is indeed a problematic question, because we are often very inclined to admit that there is no way for us to know what the future holds, but, at the same time, stubbornly strive to 'figure things out'.

Yes, the revolutionary spring blossoms of Arabia have got us posing this question (but didn't they rise from that very question - aha.. paradox!).

We want drama Goddammit. We want it loud and colorful. We want it on the news and in the papers and we are soaked in glory and fame.. us the Arabs. And we have earned it. We have finally proven to be the problematic people that we had been known to be. And we've done so oh so heroically!

But we are not ready for the morning after - we have tasted the hangover before (well, our parents told us about it). We have no interest in a puff - you know, getting just a little high on political emancipation. We want it all and all the way and we want it BIG.

But are we up for it? (Please be a devil and ask me the right question: do we HAVE to be up for it to do it?)

Seriously though.. Do we/should we/will we stubbornly strive to figure out What's Next?

We think we are/we should/hopefully we will.

Wrong f***ing answer.

WE HAVE NO CHOICE. We have got no choice but to figure things out because we have got no one but ourselves. In fact, we haven't even got a 'we'. I can't even talk about 'us' without producing even more paradoxes that just dig a deeper hole for 'us'. But that hole is a tease - it just won't kill 'us' and rid 'us' from us, them and all!

My point is that the 'revolution' might reduce all to nothing, or everything to even more. And I pray that the latter be next...

- Bedouinette