Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is this what the Arab music scene has turned into?

Jad Choueri, a Lebanese musicial has come up with another "wonderful" single.
I think it's great that Arabic music scene is progressing; adding novel musical tones and exciting beats yet what exactly is he trying to promote in the video?

I think it's bad enough that Arabs in general are still associated with many negative stereotypes but how is a video full of women shooting up botox and other random drugs/treatmens and half naked people dancing around in water - which is definitely a failed attempt of Christian Aguilera's Carwash video - will improve the image of Arabs? I wouldn't normally think artists take into consideration the impact their music video on the contemporary Arab society however this video will without a doubt cause a stir of controversy.

I can see what Choueri is going for - our music videos are becoming "modern". But is that necessarily a good thing? Do we need to reinforce and create past and new stereotypes for our society?

- Bedouin

It is quite clear that the artist is seeking worn-out, unsubtle and uncreative methods in 'diminishing' stereotypes. What he, and many others, need to understand is that the idea of 'stereotypes' in principle must be changed, not the replacement of one stereotype by another (in this case, the terrorist Arab to the vain one). I personally think people are more aware now than to base their opinions on a video, but it does happen occasionally. Jad not only insulted the people he was trying to 'represent', he is also insulting the intelligence of the audience, or, the 'other'.
Because I do not want to merely criticize, but make suggestions, I think that if he should have represented various sides of the Arab world just to show that you actually cannot generalize. I hate it when people depict a PERFECT image just to fight back criticism. Yes, the Arab World is rightfully criticized for many aspects, but there is much more to it than 'Funky Arabs'. There is an entire culture.

- Bedouinette

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