Sunday, April 11, 2010

Functional Educational System

I am really not intending to write anything deep or superbly constructive, nor am I claiming anything or suggesting anything.

I just wanted to reflect on something that happened today.

Bedouin and I were sitting at some restaurant, and we suddenly started talking about Arabic grammar. I actually fail to recollect how the subject was brought up, but we were both remembering how much fun it was to study it and be tested on it(Bedouin please let me know if I am not being very accurate!), and it made me realize that school was not that bad.

Yes, the curriculum was far from perfect, some teachers were far from the best, and some things were just pointless to learn. It was fun, though! I guess enjoying learning is as important as learning something enjoyable.

Education is about the material AND the attitude and skills. It made me feel good to realize that we at least came out of high school with a good attitude towards learning!

- Bedouinette

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